The search for the rhinestone t-shirts


      Last week, Nathan Horton popped his top against the Carolina Hurricanes. His temper tantrum effectively ended any Bruin comeback hopes, and when he was rag-dolling Tim Gleason like a rabid dog going after a piece of meat, one couldn't help but ask: why is he so angry?
      Sure, there was some stickwork behind the play and Horton sometimes shows some pugilistic prowess, but this is a guy who constantly has a smile on his face, to the point where one B's writer refers to him as "Nathan Horton :)."
      Something must have happened to set him off, right?


      There's a story behind every scrap, and this one is no different. The tale below is one that is so unbelievable, it HAS to be true. It's a story of bros, rhinestones, stolen t-shirts, villains with weird eyebrows, and more.
      It's the story behind Horton's temper tantrum. It's what set him off.
      This is the story of what turned Horton :) into this.

      It's the story of Angry Horts, and he needs your help to vanquish the evil Tim Gleason. Can you lead Angry Horts and the Band of Bros to the promised land, and free the rhinestone t-shirts in time to hit the clubs?

Click here to launch the REAL story of "Angry Horts."

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-Posted by Dan, 10/25/11