Last night, Scott Gomez of the Montreal Canadiens scored a goal for the first time in just over a calendar year. Gomez had become a target for ridicule from around the league, as his elephant of a contract and stunning lack of production made him one of the most overpaid players in the entire NHL.
      To illustrate that point: Gomez will earn $7,357,143 this season alone. To put that into perspective, that's more than Zdeno Chara will earn. And more than Phil Kessel. And Pavel Datsyuk. And almost three times more than Claude Giroux. When one considers that the latter three are all in the top-ten in league scoring while Gomez has eight points on the year, the staggering absurdity of that contract becomes even more clear.
      I read some jokes the other day about how, prior to his goal, Gomez was on pace to earn a million dollars for each point he scored. Obviously that was a bit off, as he hasn't been paid his full yearly salary yet, but the projection is close enough, and the jokes were funny anyways.
      That got me thinking: who on the Bruins is the biggest bargain? The B's don't have a bust anywhere near as big as Gomez (sit down, Joe Corvo) and don't really have that many monstrous contracts (Chara aside).
      So I put on my old-timey accountant's hat and crunched some numbers. Check them out below to see which Bruin is the biggest bargain in terms of total points and in terms of goals.


Some notes and a disclaimer:
    • "2011-2012 Salary" is the salary for the entire 2011-2012 season; yes, I'm aware they haven't been paid that yet, but I wasn't going to pro-rate it for 50ish games. So the level of "bargain-ness" will change as the season progresses.
    • Yes, I'm aware that "value" is a relative term, and that there's no cost being placed on blocked shots, faceoff wins, or other intangibles. This isn't meant to be some kind of hard and fast rule on who is overpaid and who isn't; it's merely an interesting way to look at who's earning what money.
    • All salary information comes from CapGeek.com.
    • I know Rich Peverley signed an extension at the beginning of this season, but it doesn't kick in until the start of next season; he's still on his Atlanta contract.
    • All stat totals are as of the date this was published (2/10/12).

Sorted by biggest bargain per point

Player2011- 2012
Cost per Point
Rich Peverley$1,325,00036$36,805
Daniel Paille$812,50013$62,500
Benoit Pouliot$1,100,00017$64,705
Brad Marchand$2,500,00038$65,789
Adam McQuaid$575,0008$71,875
Shawn Thornton
Tyler Seguin$3,550,00044$80,681
Gregory Campbell$1,100,00013$84,615
Chris Kelly$2,125,00025$85,000
David Krejci$3,750,00039$96,153
Milan Lucic$4,083,33340$102,083
Patrice Bergeron$5,000,00046$108,695
Andrew Ference$2,250,00020$112,500
Joe Corvo$2,250,00020$112,500
Nathan Horton$4,000,00032$125,000
Dennis Seidenberg$3,250,00019$171,052
Johnny Boychuk$1,875,0009$208,333
Zdeno Chara$6,916,66730$230,555
Jordan Caron$1,100,0004$275,000
Steven Kampfer$850,0002$425,000

Sorted by biggest bargain per goal

Player2011- 2012
Cost per Goal
Daniel Paille$812,5008$101,562
Brad Marchand$2,500,00019$131,578
Benoit Pouliot$1,100,0008$137,500
Rich Peverley$1,325,0009$147,222
Chris Kelly$2,125,00014$151,785
Tyler Seguin$3,550,00020$177,500
Gregory Campbell$1,100,0006$183,333
Shawn Thornton
Milan Lucic$4,083,33319$214,912
Nathan Horton$4,000,00017$235,294
Adam McQuaid$575,0002$287,500
Patrice Bergeron$5,000,00015$333,333
David Krejci$3,750,00011$340,909
Jordan Caron$1,100,0002$550,000
Andrew Ference$2,250,0004$562,500
Johnny Boychuk$1,875,0003$625,000
Joe Corvo$2,250,0003$750,000
Zdeno Chara$6,916,6678$864,583
Dennis Seidenberg$3,250,0003$1,083,333
Steven Kampfer$850,0000---

-Posted by Dan, 2/10/12