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  • 11/9/14: As you could probably tell if you visited this page anytime since April, I don't do much updating here anymore. I'm all-in over at Stanley Cup of Chowder, where we're working to bring the best coverage possible. BHN will remain alive for the foreseeable future, because I still like having my own site and because I need somewhere to post the ol' jersey collection. For Bruins work from me, check out my work over at Stanley Cup of Chowder.
  • 3/10/14: WWE commentator Jim Ross is one of the best in the business. His southern drawl and frequent use of "bah gawd!" make him a legend and pop culture favorite. I've mixed JR and hockey before, but this time decided to do so with more of a Bruins focus. Check out the video above, and remember, that man has a family.
  • 3/10/14: As those of you who visit regularly may have noticed, I've been changing the way I publish daily content. Between work, Cup of Chowder, and other goings-on, I don't really have time to publish updates on games, and, truthfully, no one really needs them: you can get the scores from a million other places. For the near future, I'm going to publish articles, blog posts, and other content here, but will do away with the "GAME XX" mini-recaps. I think this will be a better use of my time and of the site's space.
CharaShop entries
  • 3/09/14: I'm currently running a t-shirt contesnt on SCOC involving a funny picture of Zdeno Chara. The winner gets a t-shirt from Beast from the Northeast, while second place gets a Metallica-themed Tuukka Rask sticker. Get on Chowder to view the gallery and cast your vote; the contest closes Wednesday at noon.

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