Part of the fun of being a hockey fan (or fan of any sport) is engaging in debates with people who disagree with one's opinion, namely fans of teams other than the hometown squad. Hockey fans will always have plenty to debate, from headshots to fighting, feet in the crease to holding the stick penalties.
      Milan Lucic's collision with Ryan Miller on Saturday has been at the center of the hockey-discussion universe for a few days now, with people from all parts of the puck world chiming in: Marty Brodeur and Johan Hedberg think the lack of suspension was a good call, Drew Miller is angry for his brother, and someone was dumb enough to care what Alex Burrows had to say on the subject.
      But the most outspoken critic has been Dave Stubbs, the Montreal Gazette's resident Habs cheerleader. Stubbs has always been quick to take any shot he can at the Bruins (though, in fairness, he's written some nice things as well), and this incident has been no exception. Despite the fact that this game in no way, shape, or form involved the team he covers, Stubbs wrote two 1,000 word tomes on the subject, probably while staring at the Milan Lucic voodoo doll he keeps on his desk, pounding away at the keyboard. The indignation! Lucic should be suspended for years!
      This is especially interesting when one considers that Erik Cole running through Jhonas Enroth (who was in the crease at the time) wasn't mentioned at all in the Gazette's game story (written by Pat Hickey, not Stubbs). No 1,000 word missive. No outrage.


      Nor was there any pounding of the keyboard when Brian Gionta nearly decapitated James Reimer (who was also in the crease) a few weeks back. In fact, here was Stubbs' lone comment on that collision:


      Never mind that Reimer, like Miller, was concussed and is still out. No 1,000 word missive. No outrage.
      "So how does he come up with these rulings then," you must be asking yourself, as there sure seems to be a red, white, and blue lack of consistency on the matter.
      Glad you asked. I'm happy to clear things up. Below is Stubbs' secret weapon, the Dave Stubbs Guide to Goalie Contact Outrage. Follow the rules, and maybe you too can be as enlightened as he is!

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-Posted by Dan, 11/15/11